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Sign Up and Registration:


            In order to place and receive clipping path files you need to have an account with  By Signing up with you authorize and agree that all information submitted is true, you are of legal age, and have authorization to request artwork on behalf of any organization, group, company or industry.  All information submitted during sign up is secure and will only be viewed by the customer and our Customer Support Services. will not send, transfer, or allow customer information to be viewed be any other affiliate site of or hand out customer information to any other company without consent from the customer.

            Personal information will be disclosed if feels is needed to comply with the lay or legal services offered through  We do hold the right to hold, blacklist, and prevent any account from sending and receiving orders if we feel the customer has violated our Terms and Conditions, the law or legal service, and/or has failed to meet the requirements of

            Personal and Account information can be accessed by the customer using their user name and password and can be changed at any time.  To prevent identity theft, do not hand out or allow others to know your username and password. reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to you. Therefore, we recommend that you please read them carefully each time you use this Website. 


Uploaded and Completed Files


            All uploaded files are saved and recorded in our database and in a folder under the customers sign up name.  Uploaded files are not allowed to be viewed, downloaded, and/or used by any other party other than the customer and Customer Services.  Completed files are saved and stored under the customers sign up name and will only be viewed, used and sent to that customer.  We will not send files from one customer to another without the consent of the customer prior to emailing.

            Each and every uploaded order is given an order number for reference.  Files are saved and stored under this order number.  If a customer believes that has completed an order but fails the provided an order number referencing to the file, does not take responsibility for lost files and may require the file be resubmitted at the normal charge for that file.


Even though uploaded images and completed jobs are saved on the website, there is a limit to the amount of time these files will be saved. The images uploaded by the customer for each job will be saved on the server for two months. After two months, these files will be deleted permanently and no record of them will remain. Completed jobs uploaded to the server by staff and employees will be saved under the customer's account for six months. After six months, all completed order files will be permanently deleted and no record of them will remain.




After six months, we will have no record of the job and the customer is responsible for providing the completed image in the event any additional edits are necessary.


Refunds and Corrections


            Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  Completed artwork that is incorrect or does not meet the specifications listed in the instruction when the order was placed will be edited and corrected with no addition charge to the order.  Before going into any kind of production or other use of the completed file, we ask customers to view the file thoroughly for any errors in the artwork. is not responsible or any ruined articles, errors, or other problems in any productions material or any other use from the completed artwork.

            If in the event that a completed order does not meet the customer’s requirements yet no instruction was listed when placing the order, may need to add an editing fee for the correction.  Amount of the fee is up to the discretion of management and will be in regards to the difficulty of the correction.

            Refunds on completed orders will be given at the discretion of Management.


All jobs can contain an error and will be corrected for free if it’s deem our fault but dba J6D Inc. needs to have the opportunity to fix error with an appropriate time given. Refunds/Voided Invoices cannot be given if that opportunity for correction on the file/s is not given.


Site Content


            All text, images, software, logos, videos, icons, and trademarks found on website including all pages associated are property of and are for the use of only.  All images, text, illustrations, video, icons, logos, and trademarks are subject to copyright and other propriety license held by  Viewers and Users of site may not download, sell print, post, link, copy modify, and/or or create derivative works of such content belonging to


Copyright Infringement


            The use, copy, modification, and/or selling of copyright protected artwork is against the law. leaves the discretion of file use to the customers and takes no responsibility for any infringement against copyright laws on files.


Deposits reserves the right to collect a deposit or full payment for services requested, and before the delivery of said services. Standard billing protocol is to process payment on the customer account once a month at the end of the billing period. However, upon the discretion of the management, payment or deposit may be taken at any time without notice for services requested.


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