• What is a Clipping Path?

          Clipping path is a vectored path that outlines a shape or image allowing you separate and remove the image within the path from it background.

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  • I am not comfortable giving my credit card information out to a website I don't know. Do you have any other billing options?
    Paypal. We can Paypal you a bill (once or twice a month) or you can pay us whenever job is done. Our PayPal account e-mail is: [email protected]. The draw-back is that once we bill your account (once or twice a month), your account is on hold until the bill is paid.
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  • Why do I have to sign up for an account if I am already a copyartwork.com client?
    We respect all of our clients’ information and know some client will not sign up for an account.  We will feel this will respects the client’s privacy that chooses not use theclippingpath.com.
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  • How do you bill?

    We do billing once a month on the last business day of the month.

    Credit Card Accounts:

    On your banking statement, your credit card transaction will say copyartwork.com, not [email protected]. J6D Inc. is the mother company of [email protected]. We will send an open statement report a couple days before the end of the month. On the last business day of the month all payments are due, and we will slide your credit card that you signed up with. After billing, if the payment has not been made, payments are late and your orders will be placed on hold. A notification will be sent out to your email letting you know that the card was declined.

    PayPal Accounts

    We will send an open statement report a couple days before the end of the month. We will also send a PayPal Payment Request to your email address. On the last business day of the month all payments are due. After that time we will send off any PayPal reminders that haven't been paid. After billing, if the payment has not been made, payments are late and your orders will be placed on hold.

    If you have a dispute on billing, please contact us at [email protected] as soon possible. If you need us to send an individual invoice for each daily transaction, please let us know and we will email you one ASAP.

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  • How fast will I receive my artwork?
    We provided services that allow us to complete your image within 24 hours. For large orders (Orders over 50 pcs) we will quote you a turnaround time based upon the level of difficult and number of images
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  • How Do I Download the job once it completed?
    Since the files are a lot bigger than vector files, we cannot e-mail the files directly.  We will e-mail you a link where you download directly or you can log in and go to the Download Job and download from there.
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  • Can I have the file retun in Adobe Illustrator?
    The problem with importing bitmaps into Adobe illustrator is that it automatically places them on white backgrounds with no transparency. If you opened this file in photoshop, which is a program that supports background transparency, you would see that the white box is no longer there because the images have been clipped. It doesn't matter what format the file is saved in, illustrator will always open it with that white background. If you want to edit these without the white background, you need to have a program that supports transparency.
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  • How many files can I upload at a time?
    The number of files that can be uploaded is dependant upon the speed of your Internet server and size of the file.  Most orders between 1-50 please use our online form. For a large number of files (50+), please contact customer service for direction on uploading, turnaround time and price.If an uploading error occurs, contact our customer support service during their hours of operation for additional assistance.
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  • I have a large file, how can I upload it?
    The uploading of file is dependant upon the speed of your Internet provider. Typically files that fall below 50mb will upload fine without any hassle. For larger file you may need to zip the file to compress the size, or contact our customer support services during their hours of operation for further assistance
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  • What format will my artwork be in?

    If not specified otherwise, you will receive the artwork as a photoshop format. We can also provide a tiff or giff file as well.  If there is another format that is required, we ask that you notify us in the File Instructions box when submitting the order.

    Please be cautions on the specfic you ask for. If you choose one format and need another we might need another full business days to return the files. Due to the uploading time and time converted to another format.

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  • Do you save all my uploaded files?
    Your completed is saved on our secure server in folder labeled with the name or company name that you signed up. Original file are stored on the out databases for a no more then 60 days due the size of files being uploaded and download
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  • Will spammers be able to observe my email address?
    Absolutely not! We strive to protect the privacy of customers and secure their information from any third party viewing. All account information is private and can only be viewed by our customer support team and the customers themselves.
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  • How do I add a new order?

                After you have signed up and logged into your account, click on Send Artwork. Click the "select file" button to select all of the files you want to upload for your order. They will appear in the box on the left. Once you have selected all of the files you want to submit in the box on the left, click the "upload files" button that is located in the middle of the boxes. A status bar will appear to indicate when uploading is complete. Once uploading is complete, you can fill out the order information below and click the "submit" button  to complete the process. If the order was properly submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the order details. If you do not receive the confirmation email or have any other complications, please contact a customer service representative.

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  • What if I need to change my account information?
    After logging into your account, click on “My Account.” This will take you to an information page listing all of your sign up information, including username, password, and payment options and information. Here you can change any information as need.  Click “submit” to save all changes.
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  • How do I receive my completed artwork?

    Once you artwork is completed, you will receive a notification in your email inbox of the completion with a link to download your file.  You can also log in and check your orders to see their progress and completion.  Under the “Download Jobs” page, you can view all of your past and present order and download straight from the site.

    If there is a problem with retrieving the file, please contact our customer support service during their hours of operation for addition assistance.

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  • What if my artwork is not what I wanted?
    We strive for the highest level of satisfaction. That means if your artwork doesn’t turn out the way you had expected, we will go back and correct it free of additional charge. We have no trouble going back as many times as need to make sure you artwork is exactly what you need.
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  • I need to cancel my order; will I be refunded?
    Because we do our billing at the end of the month, refunding is not a problem. However, you cannot cancel an order that has already been completed and e-mail to you. If you are not satisfied with the way your artwork came out, reply back with details on the problem areas and we will fix them. We are not responsible for any errors that are made once production of your artwork has begun. We insist you view your artwork thoroughly before going into any kind of production (see Terms and Conditions).
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  • I cannot find a FAQ that answers my question
    If you have a question that is not listed in our FAQ page, contact our customer support service during their hours of operation. We have no problem answering your questions and helping you out as much as we can. We may even add your question to our FAQ page.
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